WCAEBE is an integrated world conference series that will enable practitioners, government policy makers, scientific and management innovators to accelerate excellence in physical regeneration, urban development and construction. This international conference provides the unique opportunity to bring together industry, government, NGOs and experts in a spirit of global cooperation to share knowledge and to advance international best practice, in areas such as Strategic Leadership, Innovation, Productivity and Policy, to enable the delivery of regeneration, urban development and construction programmes that realise maximum value for clients, end users and all stakeholders.

WCAEBE-2006 in Birmingham, United Kingdom, was comprised of noteworthy Executive, Plenary, Scientific and Technical Sessions focusing on high quality international best practice information for Accelerating Excellence in the individual, corporate, industry and government physical regeneration, urban development and Construction projects using innovative techniques, new business processes and skilled workforce. The Plenary Sessions will be led by Executive Panellists that will provide the themes covering wider management, technical, governmental, user’s issues and future challenges facing the Built Environment Regeneration, urban development and Construction projects delivery. Scientific and Technical Sessions provide the prominent opportunity to international community to present papers or attend presentations on core physical Regeneration, Urban Development, Construction Management and Technologies.